SWISH People


Conor ClarkeConor Clarke was appointed in 2010 as a paid Christian Educator, working initially at Springwood and Winmalee High schools 2 days per week. He is a trained teacher with years of classroom experience and a wide experience in Christian youth work. He is married to Sam and has two sons.

Currently he works full time coordinating a team of volunteer teachers who are teaching Scripture to school students in Springwood, Faulconbridge and Winmalee primary and high schools while teaching several classes himself.




Chair: Bob Johnston

Deputy Chair: Bill Tucker

Secretary: Melissa Hill

Treasurer: Ian Fuller

Member Church Representatives:

Anglican Churches Springwood: Roy Piercy, Liz Roediger

Springwood Baptist: Ian Fuller, Bill Tucker

Springwood-Winmalee Presbyterian: Melissa Hill, Bob Johnston

Public Officer: Grant Robinson

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