SWISH Curriculum

The NSW Education Act 1990 makes provision for the teaching of Special Religious Education (SRE) in both Primary and Secondary Government schools by approved Providers. SRE is the opportunity for local (approved) churches to nominate representatives (SRE teachers) to go into their local state school and teach about their distinctive beliefs and practices. All students are welcome to attend SRE classes.

SWISH CEA Inc. welcomes the opportunity to deliver quality SRE to students in Springwood – Winmalee district state schools. It acknowledges that the purpose for which access is provided is to deliver Bible-based educational programs using contemporary teaching methods and suited to the appropriate stage of students’ faith development.

The Department of Education & Communities (DEC) now requires all SRE Providers to have a copy of their curriculum, or a curriculum summary, publicly available online. SWISH has adopted curricula approved by the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, who is responsible for the authorisation of Anglican SRE material in the Diocese of Sydney.

Find more information about these curricula at www.youthworks.net/sre/authorised-curriculum