Business name

‘SWISH CEA Inc’ is the registered business name of Springwood and Winmalee Scripture in High-Schools Christian Education Association Incorporated, ABN 85 522 465 564 and it is authorised to receive tax deductible gifts for the purpose of providing special religious education in government schools.

Objects of the Association

The object of the Association is to promote understanding of Christianity and provide the students of Springwood and/or Winmalee High Schools with a Christian Education Program on behalf of the participating churches.

The curriculum used for this Program will be approved by the participating churches as they are represented on the Board and be based on the belief that the Bible is the unchanging and trustworthy Word of God, emphasising the grace and authority of God.

The participating churches belong to recognised Protestant Christian denominations.

The affairs of the Association are managed by a Board which consists of representatives from the participating churches.

The Board is to facilitate the objective by:


Mission statement

The SWISH CEA Mission is to impact the lives of young people in our Springwood and Winmalee High Schools with the Gospel, helping many to become disciples of Christ and to mature in Him through employing experienced, committed Scripture teachers. This mission is carried out by local churches praying, sharing and promoting the vision, giving money, time and energy to this end.

This is one way local churches are working together in their shared mission of the extension of the Kingdom of God in the general community.